Basmati Rice with Saffron and Herbs


Conscious Cookery with Siri Ved

20141225_140307Give some delight to your senses and use fresh herbs when you cook. I love to serve saffron rice with either a garnish of chopped herbs and onions, or an assortment of two or more fresh herbs on the side… parsley, mint, cilantro, oregano, basil, marjoram., dill, green onions…. these are all simply delicious when chopped or torn into small pieces… and a perfect complement to each bite.

20141225_124228As mentioned in my previous post, A Little Lesson in Saffron, to get the most out of your saffron, before cooking soak it for a few hours or overnight in milk. For 1 cup of rice you would use a pinch of saffron (10-15 threads). Since I planned on making more than that, I used a large pinch (probably about 30 threads).  I was also making my saffron rice out of a sudden desire (I’m just mad about saffron!), so these…

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